Terms & Conditions

1. Clothing must be neat and tidy as well as consistent with dress codes of the venue

2. In specific nights, once a visitor left the venue, he/she might not be allowed to re-enter it. Those willing to come back might have to pay re-admission fee.

3. In case of damage incurred to the venue, its property, other visitors’ property and/or health, a visitor shall be held liable in compliance with the procedures stipulated by the legislative acts of Spain.

4. Bringing food, drinks, narcotic or toxic substances, and other items endangering people‘s life and safety are prohibited.

5. The administration of the event shall have the right to set admission fee prices during special events, change opening hours of the event.

6. Security staff shall have the right to request a person for documents required for proof of identity and age with a photo identification and to inspect the visitors’ handbags.

7. The following persons ARE EXCLUDED from entering the venue: Agressive, those under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances, undesirable and those who have previously violated the rules of the venue, those of untidy appearance, using offensive language and slandering the club guests and staff, not complying with the publicly accepted ethics and norms of polite conduct or having the intention to deliberately violate the public order, i. e., to infringe other persons’ property, the property safety, privacy of the nightclub’s guests.

8. Visitors over the age of 17 are allowed to the VENUE. Visitors under the age of 18 are not allowed to drink alcohol in any circunstamces.

9. By entering the venue, the visitor grants automatically the use of his image rights to Plaza Rest SLU, with CIF B-02774743, for all footage recorded or shot inside the venue. This disposal will last for a maximum period of 5 years. possible uses for this footage might be: the publication of this content (mainly for informative or advertising purposes) through the usual divulgation channels of Plaza Rest SLU, including (but not limited to) the official website and all the social media profiles property of the company, where the visitor’s image might be related to Plaza Rest products. If you have any questions, please call +34 971 891 023 or send us a message to our facebook page.

10. Tickets cannot be cancelled. All purchases are final. We are sorry to inform you it is not possible to change, cancel or get a refund for the tickets or packages you have bought. You have agreed Terms and Conditions during purchase process.