About our club


SINCE 2006

From the very first night Banana Club opened doors, back in 2006, our mission has always been clear: to fill your nights with fun, delivering amazing events and parties.

After 11 years, we can say WE MADE IT! But that doesn’t mean we feel satisfied. The core of our concept stands in the 100% original theme parties we throw. However, we always keep our minds eager to implement new ideas that will improve your experience and make it as complete as possible.

Our house is now yours. Welcome to Banana Club.

We create awesome Events



Let’s talk numbers: since 2010 we’ve thrown more than 350 theme parties, with more than 80 different themes. After all this, we can unequivocally declare ourselves PARTY EXPERTS at your service!


Giving it all on the dancefloor is a nice way to have fun, but certainly not the only one. That’s why we have an amazing rooftop terrace, with many areas and a Cocktail bar where you can socialize and get some fresh air.

Awesome Music

Yes, it’s true. Music might either ruin your night, or make it one for the books. We consider ourselves musically democratic, which means that the music we play belongs to many different genres and vibes. No closed doors. We are here to party, and we want this feeling to reach you through the music.


There was a time when we used to make FOAM PARTIES. Then someone said: “Why don’t we mess this up a little more?”. And we threw paint in it. NEON paint. And TA-DAAAAA: Foam Paint parties were born.


Oh, come on! How many times have you danced in a huge PYRAMID made of glass, whose floor LITERALLY rocks to the rhythm of the crowd? If you have never been to Banana Club, we are pretty sure the answer is NEVER!


Whenever you are in the club, feel free to ask our staff about special offers, we really have many throughout the summer. Be it special drinks or entry tickets, there are ALWAYS available deals for you. YOU just ask, WE provide.

Our clients